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Oh my! The best Bibimbap we have had in a long time! Traditional stone pot cooked too! Great pickled appetizers brought out too. Great tea and very friendly service. Will definitely be back! 😋”

Andrea Staten

Gobb-smacked flabbergasted was how I felt when I ate here recently. This Korean restaurant hit the spot in such a good way as Bellingham doesn't have much in diversity particularly in the food sector, so to have this gem WE HAVE TO PROMOTE IT and SUPPORT IT. Delicious food, prepared by a sweet lady, attention to customer satisfaction, served with passion, wholesome food, SO GOOD!

Jose Eduardo Santos

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"Nice staff! Food was really good, especially in the cold"

Julie Doster

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The food was heavenly and the staff was beyond friendly and welcoming

Sonya Zang

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I need to go back. This was amazing!

Shelley Knebel

Bellingham was long overdue for a great Korean restaurant and it’s finally here! I’ve ordered the bulgogi twice so far and it’s delectable. Can’t wait to try the whole menu!

Per Sveen

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Yummy food.

Amy Lowmon

Awesome grub! Bit of a wait from order to food, but worth it! Gotta have the wings, they were killer!

Matt G

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